Why Switching Veterinary Software is So Scary (And Why It Shouldn't Be)

cloud based veterinary software

Any change in life can be intimidating, but when it comes to running a veterinary practice, one change in particular seems to bring fear to the hearts of veterinary professionals everywhere: switching veterinary software. 

If you just got a chill down your spine, you’re not alone.  Many veterinarians choose to stick with their current software instead of switching, citing fear of change as their reason for the decision.   

Many veterinary practice owners continue to use outdated practice management software despite being all too familiar with its flaws and poor mechanics.  The perceived notion that switching software may bring disruption to an already busy practice keeps many veterinary practices from moving to a more efficient (and easier to use) system.  

When broken down, the fear of changing veterinary software systems can cover a wide variety of concerns, from financial, to practice logistics, to staffing, and beyond. 

The benefits of new software make the switch worth it.

Manage change with cloud-based veterinary software.

Changing Veterinary Software:

Expectation vs. Reality

When you own a veterinary practice, implementing any change can be a challenge. And for some people, the thought of switching practice management software seems like the scariest change of all.


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