What is Change Management and Why Do You Need It?

Written by Samantha Walker, RVT
Neo cloud based veterinary software

Whether you are part of a big practice or are self-employed, keeping the data from the pet patients you have organized is a key to long-term success in this veterinary field. The more organized you are, the more business you can bring through the doors. 

What is the current veterinary software that you are using? How do you go about managing change in a veterinary clinic? What options are there for your practice moving forward?  

Keep reading to learn more about veterinary change management and why your practice may need it.

What Is Veterinary Change Management?

Veterinary change management is the process in which changes happen within a practice. This process begins with the idea of the change and the end result is a review of how implementing the change went. 

Having a structured method for how changes are made within your practice is a core aspect to evolving positively for the future. Communication is an area of focus because everyone needs to be on board for any change to work out in the long term. Having open communication with all parties involved helps foster conversation and feedback that you can use for future changes within your practice. 

There is no one way to approach change, each practice may have a different approach or number of steps that they take when adding anything new to the business. 

The Benefits Of Change 

The rise of digital tools has served to benefit veterinary practices in recent years. Simple changes, such as better diagnostic tools, have made the process of evaluating a patient faster and reaching the next step in less time. 

This time savings allows practices to see more patients, which can have a direct impact on the number of people they are able to serve and the revenue you can get as a result. 

Begin the Change Today 

Now that you have read more about veterinary change management and why your practice may need it, you can start this process today. This evolution of your business can allow you to grow and expand with the use of new technology and keep up with the constant change in veterinary medicine. 

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