The Importance of Managing Change in a Veterinary Clinic

Written by Samantha Walker, RVT
managing change in a vet practice

Managing change in a veterinary clinic is key to providing quality service. It might seem hard, but there are ways to set you and your clinic up for success. 

Accept and Expect Change 

The first step in preparing for change is accepting that it will happen. It's an old adage, but it continues to ring true. If you can train yourself and your team to accept that change is a regular part of life in a vet practice, it can drastically improve your veterinary team morale. 

For this, communication is key. Make sure everyone at your clinic is on the same page. Working together as a team makes dealing with change much easier. Hold a meeting, send an email – whatever suits your team best. 

Over the last decade, the veterinary practice has changed immensely. In fact, veterinary professionals continue to explore and debate how AI and new technology are changing the industry. Change is a normal aspect of the job, and one that your clinic should expect rather than resist.  

Stay Vigilant When Managing Change in a Veterinary Clinic 

Getting your clinic into the mindset of expecting and accepting change is just the first step. Next, figure out what you have control of in your role. 

Instead of getting blindsided by a sudden change, do your best to stay up to date on the newest veterinary software or any current changes in veterinary medicine. While you can't control everything that changes in the industry, you can control how you and your clinic prepare and respond to change.  

Implement Changes in Your Veterinary Software  

One of the best ways to prepare for change is by updating your clinic's practice management system. (Pssst... check out Neo – a software designed to anticipate your needs with its brilliantly simple interface).  

We understand that every veterinary practice wants to focus on keeping patients healthy and families happy. Neo software makes day-to-day operations such as organizing patient records, processing payments, and communicating with pet parents a more streamlined process.  

That way, your clinic can stay on top of changes in the workplace without getting bogged down by records and bookkeeping. Keeping your software up to date gives your team more freedom to respond to any situation. 

Enhance the Well-Being of People and Pets 

At IDEXX, our goal is to provide the best tools for our customers to succeed. Book a chat with an IDEXX software expert to learn how our cloud software can help your practice.