5 Key Steps to Adopt New Technology in Your Veterinary Practice

Written by Samantha Walker, RVT
Changing veterinary software

New technology in veterinary medicine is popping up everywhere.  When it comes to updating your veterinary software, equipment, or associated workflows, here are 5 tips to help the transition run smoothly. 

1. Identify What Works and What Doesn’t 

Outline your current processes and systems to establish what needs to be upgraded, which business areas can be streamlined and improved, and how to implement these alterations. Speak to your staff to learn what they may be having trouble with and where they think change is needed.  

2. Get the Facts About New Software Systems 

Discussing important information about your new software with the provider helps confirm the value of your investment. Get all the details about the program before it is administered, such as program features, advantages, disadvantages, what makes this new veterinary software an asset to your business, what sets it aside from the rest, and how will it help maximize the time spent with clients and their pets. 

3. Create a Project Plan That Includes a Comprehensive Timeline 

You should have a startup or conversion plan outlined, along with a timeline of how and when each upgrade should be implemented. This helps prevent normal business operations from being disrupted and ensures everyone knows what to expect. Be sure to allow extra time for things like testing, configurations, troubleshooting, user training, evaluations, and discussions with staff members and your software provider, ensuring everyone is on the same page. 

4. Analyze Your Veterinary Software

Testing your advanced veterinary practice software before going all-in allows you to discover flaws or weaknesses in the system prior to investing in it. It also allows you to discuss with the provider any concerns you may have about specific workflows or data, find solutions to problems, iron out certain issues, and work out any kinks or problematic areas before making the switch.  Choose several team members to review the new software before going live. 

5. Keep Your Clients Updated

Prepare your clients and staff for the transformation and veterinary updates well ahead of time to keep everyone well informed. You can send out newsletters to your clients with all the important details including, why you are switching to a better system, which is to help benefit them by providing better and faster services, keeping things more organized, staying up-to-date with modern advances, and ensuring smooth and timely operations. Let them know when things will go back to normal, and, don’t forget to thank them for their cooperation and patience during this time. 

You can inform your employees by sending out a memo that includes a call for volunteers needed to evaluate the new system when installation is complete. Once your system has been changed over, you can send another newsletter to clients to let them know your VPM has been successfully installed and it's business as usual. Then thank them again for their patience and cooperation. 

Thank your employees as well and show your appreciation to those who helped out by rewarding them with a nice employee incentive. Maybe even have a small office party to celebrate taking the next step towards growing your business.   

Switching to NEO Veterinary Software Can Make Your Life Easier 

Running a veterinary practice can be complicated without the right practice management software, like Neo. Neo helps with managing change in veterinary clinic. Built by a team committed to making veterinary practices easier, NEO has a brilliant, easy-to-use interface, great features, and automatic updates to help patients live longer healthier lives. 

Neo Product Highlights and Features: 

Neo is a cloud-based veterinary practice management software that can help boost your veterinary team morale. It houses all veterinary clinic’s core processes and data, such as patient records, inventory, appointments, payments, treatment records, and even communications with pet parents. 
1. Brilliantly simple to use, allowing you to focus on more important things: Neo’s user interface is so simple and straightforward that staff can complete their tasks up to 5 times faster and more efficiently. 
2. Anticipates your needs: Provides only the features you need without the complexity, with bi-weekly updates that create a steady stream of new features to make life easier for your veterinary team. 
3. Backed by passionate, dedicated people: From the developers to product teams, everyone works together to make life easier for veterinary teams. Product team surveys are performed after every release. Monthly webinars allow users to talk to the team behind Neo and even offer a peek into future enhancements. Thus, most calls are answered within one minute by friendly support staff. 

4. You will be up and running in no time: Onboarding from IDEXX experts and data conversions can get you up and running in no time. With an experienced data converting team from more than 50 different software systems and built-in automated training tools that teach staff for you, we can help your team get comfortable using Neo within hours. 
5. Lighten your workload: Use Neo anytime, from any device connected to the internet. Bi-weekly upgrades take place automatically, a “pay-as-you-go” monthly subscription simplifies cash flow, hardware and related IT capital expenses are significantly reduced, and data is backed up automatically and protected at no extra charge by advanced encryption technology that’s used by the world’s leading eCommerce companies and banks. 

Neo veterinary practice management software simplifies making changes to business operations. Take the next steps to upgrade your veterinary practice, try Neo now. 

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