Why Neo Software is the Secret Efficiency Hack You Didn’t Know About

Written by Peter Terhune
Neo cloud based veterinary software

In your busy veterinary practice, you take advantage of every opportunity to streamline your workflow and incorporate efficiencies. You rework protocols to cut unnecessary steps, analyze appointment flow, and strategize inventory management. But what about your practice information management software (PIMS)? Does it make your day more efficient or bog you down?

If you spend time typing lengthy medical notes, manually entering lab results, or sending individual reminder emails, your current PIMS is not working to its full potential. Neo Software is the efficiency hack you may not know about. And as a cloud-based system, it goes everywhere you go.

Neo Software can improve your veterinary practice efficiency

Neo Software's intuitively simple design with a tab-based setup for quick information access—much like common banking and social media apps—can help your team complete common tasks up to 5 times faster.1 Neo is packed with features that may make your workflow more efficient. Do you dread repetitively typing medical notes or manually tracking inventory? If so, Neo is for you. Want proof? Take it from a Neo user. Gina Finney, DVM, of Valet Vet Mobile Veterinary Services, says, "Because it’s so simple, we can literally see four or five extra clients per week. That’s allowed us to grow and add two doctors to our practice in the last year."

Tips for creating efficiencies with Neo Software

There are endless ways to use Neo Software’s helpful features to create efficiencies in your practice. Here are several ideas to get you started:

  • Set up procedure templates—With Neo, creating standardized templates that enable you to quickly move through your most frequent tasks is simple. For example, once you have designed a custom vomiting dog template, it is ready to go for your next case, complete with medical notes and common tests, procedures, products, and prescriptions that you can fine-tune for each patient.

  • Send automatic text and email medical reminders—Individual phone, email, or text reminders take too much time. You can accomplish the same result by automating medical reminders. You can easily choose the delivery method and whether the reminder is sent a month, week, two days, or 24 hours before the reminder is due—or all four.

  • Use Neo Software to help manage inventory—Enter your in-house medication and product quantities in Neo, and it will track your current quantities as supplies are subtracted at checkout. And when you run low, reordering is a breeze because Neo is the first PIMS to integrate with Vetcove. Compare current prices and product availability from multiple distributors, and order with the click of a button. Neo even has the capability to generate purchase orders for you.
  • Directly order diagnostic tests—Activate diagnostic integration to order tests for major diagnostic labs directly from a patient’s consultation screen during an appointment or hospital stay and receive real-time results that are automatically added to the medical record. With IDEXX two-way integration, not having to manually enter tests or results will reduce data entry errors, and charges will be automatically captured, resulting in fewer missed charges. Faster results allow you to make faster clinical decisions and start important treatments more quickly 

  • Track key performance indicators (KPIs)—Neo’s dashboard includes visual, easy-to-understand KPIs, including:

    • Patient visits

    • New patients

    • Average client and patient transaction

    • Gross and net sales

    • Payments

    • Team member productivity

  • Activate Neo Payments—Neo Payments provides a closed system to accept client payments, so you won’t have to enter transactions into both a payment system and your PIMS. Other than industry-standard credit card processing fees, Neo Payments is available at no charge—simply activate it to get started.


Are you ready to see how Neo Software can make your practice more efficient?

Book a demo today and make Neo Software your secret efficiency hack.


1. Data on file at IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. Westbrook, Maine USA.