Veterinary Staff Training: Everybody Needs It, Nobody Likes It

Written by Samantha Walker, RVT
Veterinary team morale

Perhaps now more than ever, when many veterinary teams are understaffed and overwhelmed, adding an extra pair of hands can be a lifesaver.  However, with that new hire comes the necessity for a task that no one looks forward to: training.

Although proper and thorough training is ideal, it can add extra work to an already stressful load.  For team members who have been working at max capacity, it can be a burdensome task that slows everything down. No one wants to be the newbie asking constant questions of their new colleagues, and conversely, having your workday routine interrupted to answer those questions can be tiresome. 

It’s a common theme within veterinary practices; process improvements that add value are often time consuming to take on and it seems like there is just no room to fit it into the workday.  Often, this results in new hires being handed a thick manual full of SOPs and how-to's to work from.  Everyone does their best to muddle through, but there usually is room for improvement in this area of a practice’s workflow. 

This doesn’t go for just new hires, either.  Introducing a new technology, piece of equipment, or software system can prove to be a challenge.  There never seems to be a “best time” to implement something like this when you’re always run off your feet.  

At Neo, we know this is a concern for veterinary teams, and we’ve strived to make our software as easy as possible to implement and learn.   

Remember the first time you logged in to use a social media platform for the first time?  There was no user manual.  Instead, you likely found resources and tips and tricks via friendly pop-ups and easy-to-access help links.  That’s what learning Neo is like.  Built-in, intuitive training eases a new hire into the flow, while simultaneously serving up helpful content for team members who need a brush up on how to complete a certain task. 

When every day seems busier than the last, our goal is to offer our customers a reprieve from training headaches.  Sign up, sign in, and get started right away.   


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