CareCredit Now Integrates with ezyVet, Neo, and Cornerstone!

Written by Samantha Walker, RVT

CareCredit’s health and wellness credit card provides flexible financing options so pet owners can pay for the care they want or need over time. Thanks to a new integration with ezyVet, Neo, and Cornerstone, it’s easier than ever for you to offer CareCredit to pet parents. 

The newly available integration lets you process CareCredit transactions or refunds directly within your PIMS as part of your normal checkout routine. Transactions can be processed in-person or sent to your clients by email or text, and there is no cost to utilize the integration! The CareCredit integration makes processing CareCredit transactions more efficient with benefits such as: 

  • No longer needing to remember login credentials. 

  • A reduction of error-prone manual steps.  

  • Saving valuable time with each transaction throughout the day.  

Over 2,000 practices have already enabled the integration and staff have eagerly shared their positive experiences:  

  • “It’s much easier since we don’t have to go to the CareCredit website.” 

  • “It’s twice as fast as doing it the other way.” 

  • “If you’re going to take CareCredit, I can’t imagine not doing the integration because it just works so smooth.” 

To learn more about CareCredit and how to activate the integration in your PIMS, simply follow the links below: