Neo Now Integrates with CareCredit

Written by Peter Terhune

CareCredit can be a financial lifeline for your clients. And thanks to a new integration with Neo, it’s easier than ever for you to offer this financial option to pet parents.

Instead of having to make clients wait while you switch to a browser and navigate to the CareCredit web page, the new integration lets you process purchases or refunds directly from Neo as part of your normal checkout routine. Purchases can be processed in person or sent to your clients by email or text. This means there’s no more:

  • Logging in to CareCredit with credentials you or your staff may not remember.
  • Typing in pet owner information to search for their CareCredit account.
  • Typing in amount of payment or remembering to mark it paid in Neo.
  • Time-consuming end-of-day balancing of CareCredit transactions.

To get started, please watch this one-minute video on how to activate CareCredit in Neo!