3 ways Neo Veterinary Software Can Give Time Back to Busy Veterinary Teams

Written by Peter Terhune
Neo cloud based veterinary software

With the boom in pet adoptions, is your veterinary team busier than ever before? Then catch your breath, and we’ll share 3 ways Neo cloud-based veterinary software can give time and some much-needed relief back to you and your busy veterinary team.

1.    Training new staff will be faster and easier 

Think about the last receptionist, technician, or relief veterinarian you hired and the weeks you spent getting them comfortable using your practice management software. How many times did you have to stop what you were doing to show them how to create a client, check in a patient, or refill a prescription?  

“It took forever to get new people to understand our previous software,” says Dave Anderson, practice manager at Companion Animal Hospital in Tennessee. “With Neo I don’t have to worry about it.” New hires generally get comfortable with Neo in hours, thanks to an intuitive, logical layout that’s easy to navigate and learn. “And if they forget how to do something, the built-in training literally walks them through how to complete that task, step by step,” Dave says. “It’s that easy to use.” 

2.    You’ll get back 15–20 hours a week that your old software stole from you

Neo’s intuitive design isn’t just skin-deep. Each task is carefully streamlined so your team doesn’t waste time clicking, tabbing, and scrolling. 

At 5 Parks Animal Hospital in Colorado, checking clients in and out quickly without making them feel rushed is job number one. Owner Susan Wass says adding a new client into the system took at least two minutes at her old job, and checkout even longer. This ratcheted up wait times and stress for clients and her staff. Neo slims those tasks down to 10–20 seconds, fostering a more relaxed practice environment and saving Susan’s team over two hours every week. 

Matt Cantrell, DVM owns Community Pet Healthcare and Pleasant Paws Veterinary Care in Indiana. His appreciation for Neo starts with how easy it is for him to access financial data. “As a business owner I’m reporting taxes and income, and all that information is very easy to find in Neo. Five minutes saved here and there adds up to me having a more pleasant experience as a business owner.” 

It also adds up to his clients seeing more of their veterinarian. Neo Software’s ability to automatically send out laboratory results gives Matt an extra hour each day with clients. Templatized procedure forms and surgery reports are another huge time saver, helping him and his team free up an extra 10–15 hours per week. “That all rolls back to time we spend with the owner,” he says.

3.    Team morale will improve 

Imagine the boost a new hire would get from quickly gaining confidence with Neo and being able to jump into their job, not to mention the relief you and the rest of the team would feel from having that new team member becoming productive and self-sufficient. 

Once team members get up to speed with Neo, they continue to appreciate its intuitive interface and the way it streamlines everything from check in, scheduling, and viewing diagnostic results, to inventory management, client communications, and creating custom templates. A more efficient workflow means that your team is less stressed and gets more done, which keeps everyone happy.

Ever had your practice interrupted by your software not functioning, then waited for what seemed like forever for technical support to answer the phone? With Neo, expert friendly support is available when and how your team needs it: by phone, email, or chat. Most calls are answered in under a minute.
“It gives you a positive feeling in the work environment when things are just working smoothly,” says Dr. Cantrell. That’s the impact that Neo can have on your team, every day. 


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