How Cloud-Based Software Can Lead to Better Patient Care

Written by Angela Beal, DVM
cloud based veterinary software

When determining the cost versus benefit of converting to cloud-based software, standard values, such as time, effort, and operating costs, can be sticking points. However, by lingering on these traditional details, you can miss the big picture—the benefit from which all benefits grow: delivering exceptional patient care. With uncompromising design, efficiency, flexibility, security, and seamless operation, cloud-based software can enhance your practice’s patient care. Here’s how. 

Cloud-based software facilitates your veterinary practice’s productivity 

Cloud-based software works with you, not against you. Like a silent partner, serverless systems update automatically so that you can operate efficiently, avoiding temporary outages, service delays, or interruptions in your practice’s day-to-day operations. Cloud-based storage means you’re no longer squeezing in time-consuming backups that take hours or days to complete, or risking data loss because the backup procedure was inadvertently not initiated. Cloud-based veterinary software ensures that every day is business as usual—only better.  

Flexible access lets you manage your veterinary practice from anywhere 

Modern life demands flexibility—and a sense of humor. Cloud-based software allows you to log in from any internet-ready device—cageside or couchside—so that you can complete charts, oversee cases, follow client communications, review after-hours lab reports, and manage your schedule from virtually anywhere and at any time:  

  • No more travel sheets or illegible notes — Technicians can enter or review patient data at the point-of-care. 

  • Eliminate missed charges — Real-time data entry captures charges as they occur and enters them on the client’s invoice 

  • Modify patient orders to reflect the latest information — Veterinarians can create, edit, and review treatment plans and nursing orders at any time—even after-hours lab results. 

  • Keep everyone in the loop with at-a-glance information — Team members can easily create or review client alerts, communication notes, and updates, which helps them avoid repeating information or providing conflicting information, which could impact client trust. 

One-click functions let you access critical veterinary information on-the-go 

Cloud-based software is always available to provide quick access to streamlined real-time information. Whether you’re stepping up to assist with a crashing patient or preparing to examine your next patient, cloud-based software’s simplified design and one-touch operation allows you to access pertinent patient or client information immediately. When you need specific information, a quick keyword search can save precious time and eliminate awkward stalling while you shuffle through endless papers or excuse yourself to find a missing lab report. 

Shared access enhances confident, collaborative veterinary care  

High-quality patient care relies on an accurate and detailed medical record. Cloud-based veterinary software allows multi-user access across all devices, ensuring that everyone on your team has the ability to input or review a patient’s chart, including diagnostic reports and images. When busy team members have patient information at their fingertips—without having to wait for a workstation or access to a hard-copy medical record—common and costly risks, such as missed charges and medical mistakes, are greatly reduced. 

Automated administrative tasks give you time for veterinary patients’ needs  

Mundane recurring responsibilities, such as client reminders and inventory management, can eat away at your productivity. However, these tasks are vital for client compliance and your practice’s operation. Cloud-based software takes these time-consuming—but essential—tasks off your plate so you can focus on current patients’ and clients’ needs. 

Automated client communications, including appointment and service reminders, prescription refill requests, scheduling, and asynchronous one-to-one messaging (e.g., patient portals, practice apps) ensure clients receive timely and personalized attention without drawing focus away from in-person service and care. In addition, real-time inventory tracking balances your supply levels as you use them, and helps you make timely decisions about ordering—so you always have what you need to provide the care your patients deserve. 

Integrated diagnostics enhance veterinary clinical decision-making 

Through cloud-based software, you can modify and customize the user experience to suit your practice’s unique needs. For comprehensive and centralized patient information, seamless integrations combine your in-house laboratory, external reference laboratory, diagnostic imaging services, and practice management software in one place. When you can easily access past and present diagnostic results and reports, you can monitor trends and track changes with ease and make efficient and informed care decisions. When you need a consult or to send an owner their pet’s test results, simplified sharing tools let you effortlessly send key documents—or the entire electronic medical record (EMR)—to anyone on the patient’s care team. 

Cloud-based software grows your veterinary practice 

Cloud-based veterinary practice management software merges powerful capability with practical design that’s made to use—not confuse. Streamlined interfaces and intuitive functions allow your team to complete screen-based tasks quickly and accurately, freeing the team’s time to see more patients, perform additional procedures, and devote their attention to hands-on or face-to-face care. As your veterinary practice grows, flexible cloud-based software can be adapted to meet each evolving need—including onboarding your expanding team. Because this product offers simplified workflows, automated tasks, and an easy learning curve, new hires can quickly learn your cloud-based software’s essentials and become productive and confident team members on day one. 

Cloud-based veterinary practice management software enhances patient care by providing versatile, reliable, and powerful support for your practice’s entire team. And while the transition from traditional paper records or server-based software can initially seem like a leap, the enormous patient care gains make the journey as effortless as, well, floating on a cloud.  


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