A Match Made in Heaven—Is Cloud-Based Software for Me?

Written by Angela Beal, DVM
Cloud based veterinary software

If you were to describe the requirements for the veterinary practice management software of your dreams, chances are your needs would read a lot like a personal ad. 

In search of a long-term relationship with a software that intuitively meets my practice’s needs, is versatile yet easy to use, adaptable but reliable, and capable of providing selfless and tireless support and security 24/7/365.  

Making the leap to cloud-based software requires more than swiping right. Your decision is a long-term commitment that will affect you and your entire practice. Defining your needs—and the benefits cloud-based software has to offer—can help ensure the perfect fit for you and your team. 


You need an uncomplicated system 

IDEXX veterinary cloud-based practice management software doesn’t require a large server space or time-consuming setup and updating. The software only needs an internet-capable device and reliable connectivity. Because your system is automatically synced to the cloud, you won’t have to worry about losing your data because you or a team member forgot to run a backup. 

To guarantee a smooth and glitch-free user experience, automatic updates ensure you’re always operating on the latest version and with the newest features. Your practice team members will experience no more slow speeds, freezes, or delays during a busy shift because of an unexpected and mandatory software update. 


You need software that works where you do 

Whether you’re on a house call or in the field, you need ready access to your schedule, patient information, invoicing, and payments. Cloud-based software frees you and your team from desktop workstations and lets you access, review, and manage functions from any hand-held device.   


You need to stay organized  

If you’re still using paper charts or scanning documents into your patients’ electronic medical records (EMRs), you know how time-consuming hunting down missing pages, attaching files, deciphering cryptic handwriting, and combing through old reports can be. Still, the time you’re losing every day seems small when you consider the conversion and onboarding process to go paperless. 

Through one streamlined interface, IDEXX veterinary cloud-based practice management software simplifies your practice operations by replacing perpetual piles of charts, lab forms, and notes. With a single click, you can view and modify your appointment schedule, locate important patient information, design customized estimates, send reminders, and consult your task list to ensure you’re completing all your essential duties. Because our cloud-based practice management software provides your team with built-in support to ease your transition, the immediate and long-term benefits will make you wonder why you waited so long to make a change. 


You need security 

Veterinary professionals are entrusted with many responsibilities—and an equal amount of private data. Your practice software must provide vigilant and cutting-edge protection against hacking, ransomware, and other digital threats.  

When your practice data is stored in the cloud, you can feel secure knowing that cutting-edge information technology (IT) security protects your private information. Cloud-based platforms include a number of proactive safety measures including high-tech encryption, ongoing surveillance, and threat detection. When your data is in good hands, your hands are free to care for more pets. 


You need a software that lightens your workload 

Repetitive tasks and unnecessarily complicated processes can negatively impact your team’s efficiency and increase stress and frustration. IDEXX veterinary cloud-based practice management software simplifies day-to-day operations by streamlining workflows (e.g., one-click functions, simplified record sharing), automating repetitive or recurring actions (e.g., client reminders, follow-up communications, report generation, inventory tracking), and clearing your to-do list. When you can outsource those menial—but important—tasks to your cloud-based software, you and your team can refocus that newfound time on patient and client care—and potentially, clock out on time. 


You need a software with communication capabilities 

Client communication is essential for compliance, positive patient outcomes, and sustainable and profitable business maintenance. However, keeping up with timely reminders, delivering test results, responding to messages, and answering client questions can be a major time commitment for your entire veterinary team. Dissatisfied clients who do not feel heard may write negative online reviews and seek care elsewhere. 


IDEXX veterinary cloud-based practice management software can automate the communication process, ensuring that each client receives convenient and prompt messaging, including care reminders, appointment confirmations, and test result updates. Built-in tools can help you and your team stay connected with clients and share valuable educational information or instructions about their pet’s condition or procedure. 


Can’t leave your office? Demo our cloud-based software 

The best way to ensure cloud-based software is your perfect match is to try it out for yourself. Our free IDEXX veterinary cloud-based practice management software demo allows you to experience firsthand the simplicity, versatility, and dream-like ease that our product can provide your practice. Book a demo today!

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