With Neo Veterinary Software,
it’s easy to get up and running


Setup and Training


  • Dedicated team of Neo Software specialists who will be there with you through the whole process
  • Guided account setup and configuration
  • Regular project check-ins to align and track progress
  • Educational webinars in-application training


Data Conversion


  • Automated, rapid data conversion that maps to your current practice workflow
  • Expert-managed data migration from 65+ practice management software solutions​
  • The IDEXX support you know and trust

Which is right for your practice?

  ezyVet Neo
For specialty, referral, or emergency practices Yes No
For 1–2 doctor, single-practice locations No Yes
Need to get up and running quickly with self-paced training and online learning No Yes
24/7 and overnight practice hours Yes No
Complete diagnostic integration with VetConnect PLUS and IDEXX Web PACS Yes Yes
Enhanced practice workflow optimization with Vet Radar Yes No
Integrates with your favorite third-party apps and software Yes Yes

See the brilliant simplicity of
Neo Software for yourself.

Because Neo is so simple, we can literally see four or five extra clients per week. That’s allowed us to grow and add two doctors to our practice in the last year.
Choosing Neo Software took a lot of worry off my plate because there’s low up-front cost, no capital investment, and it’s easy to get started.
It’s really neat that IDEXX listens to what the users ask for and constantly updates Neo. Support is phenomenal, always very quick.