Neo Veterinary Software Features and Benefits

Neo provides an intuitive solution to power your practice and drive efficiency. Through modern cloud software and a thoughtfully designed interface, you can complete critical tasks with ease.

Practice dashboard​

See the big picture of daily activity in your practice.​

  • Business snapshot provides a digestible overview of overdue invoices, reminders due, draft invoices, and remaining appointments

  • Customizable dashboard adjusts based on preferences and needs
  • Task list provides an overview of daily callbacks and diagnostic results
  • Power search saves time by letting you quickly find a client or patient from anywhere in the Neo system
NEO User Interface
neo software screen
Patient workflow

Stay on top of patient care from any device, anywhere.​

  • One-click access to complete patient history, preformatted examination notes, master diagnosis list, and low/high estimates

  • Customizable procedure templates to save your staff time and standardize care protocols in the practice
  • Integrated diagnostics ordering for IDEXX and ANTECH from anywhere in your practice with real-time results
  • Electronic signature capture for simplified client procedure approval


Simplified scheduling​

Helping you manage an ever-moving target: the appointment schedule.

  • View and confirm appointments in the schedule

  • Start the estimate or invoice directly from the appointment to provide clear visit status to all staff
  • Send customizable SMS reminders with the click of a button
  • Utilize the fully customizable boarding module for streamlined booking management
  • Simplify booking and manage client requests with the integrated Neo Patient Portal
Simplified Scheduling
Neo Payments
Seamless digital payments​

Fast, accurate checkouts mean less interruptions of patient care.

  • Rapid, secure payment capture is provided with the click of a button from the patient record

  • Digital signature capture is enabled through a wireless Clover device provided at no additional charge
  • Payment information automatically syncs to the patient record, enabling easy checkout and payment processing
  • Complete payment history, reporting, and custom batch settings are easily accessed from the payments portal


Client communications​

Client relationships matter. These simple tools help you optimize every interaction.

  • Built-in tools that enable your team to engage clients between visits

  • Templatized discharge instructions for faster, easier checkout
  • Callback scheduling for streamlined time management
  • One click to email clients from the consultation with estimates, invoices, consent forms, discharge instructions and educational materials
  • Automated email reminders to help save your staff valuable time
  • Plus, add on Vello for additional, fully integrated client communications functionality.


Client Communications
Flexible Reporting
Flexible reporting​

Even your practice needs a check-up. Review performance with one click.

  • Analyze key performance indicators for your practice based on veterinary industry benchmark metrics, including total sales, payments provided, and provider production

  • Create purchase order and track practice inventory

  • Filter quickly with visualization directly in Neo with the ability to export data


See the brilliant simplicity of Neo Software for yourself.