Let Stress Drift Away—How Cloud-Based Software Can Simplify Your Team’s Day

Written by Angela Beal, DVM
cloud based veterinary software

In these busy times, veterinary practices are looking for any tool, tip, or technique to give them an edge—not only against competing hospitals and clinics, but against their own overcrowded appointment book. Cloud-based veterinary software is the tireless, reliable, and versatile workhorse every practice needs to navigate today’s challenges and to reduce an overburdened—and often shorthanded—team’s workload. Learn seven ways that cloud-based software can simplify your team’s day. 

#1: Stay in control with an at-a-glance dashboard display 

Change occurs quickly in veterinary medicine—and nothing is more unsettling to your team than feeling they’re out of the loop. Cloud-based veterinary software helps professionals stay anchored and informed by providing a clear, easy-to-read dashboard display. This customizable information hub allows team members to keep a finger on their practice’s pulse by tracking the day’s appointments and pertinent administrative tasks and reminders. By simply glancing at the dashboard, a team member can anticipate or initiate key actions, such as searching for a patient chart or reviewing the latest diagnostic results, while saving precious time.  

#2: Powerful reporting features reduce number crunching to a single click 

Running reports doesn’t have to require a manager’s closed-door and undivided-attention-level focus. Cloud-based veterinary software replaces this cumbersome and much-loathed task, and provides quick and accurate data gathering and reporting by continuously tracking your practice’s inventory, invoicing, production, and other key performance indicators.  

#3: Streamlined workflows allow for more focused patient and client care 

When cloud-based veterinary software automates repetitive functions and simplifies common workflows, team members can spend less time performing mundane tasks, such as inputting patient information, charges, and treatment plans, and more time providing pets and clients with one-to-one attention. Enabling team members to focus on pets can lead to more skilled observations, enhanced patient care, reduced errors and omissions, and improved treatment outcomes and client satisfaction. Minimizing administrative tasks and maximizing patient and client care interactions provides team members with intrinsic rewards and improved job satisfaction, which can drive productivity and decrease staff turnover. 

#4: Cloud-based access provides untethered charting and communication 

Cloud-based veterinary software provides flexible, one-click access from any eligible device to the entire platform, allowing team members to chart, schedule appointments, review diagnostic results, and process client payments from any location—cageside, curbside, and everywhere in between. 

Untethering team members from desktop workstations can increase efficiency, reduce medical mistakes, and improve charge capture. In addition, because all user inputs are synced in the cloud, every team member will always have access to the most up-to-date patient information.  

#5: Automatic updates and backups let your practice stay in sync—and safe 

Cloud-based veterinary software eliminates inconvenient server problems—which always seem to occur during peak business hours—costly updates, data loss, and security breaches. With incredibly secure off-site data storage, automatic software updates, and ongoing data syncing, you can relieve your team of their IT duties and allow them to refocus—uninterrupted—on patient and client care. 

#6: Attain client approval, and process payments from anywhere 

Cloud-based software enables your team to create and present estimates, attain client approval, and accept payments from anywhere in your veterinary hospital. Because this software integrates digital payment processing and signature capture technology, your clients can complete transactions in the exam room or curbside, minimizing lobby traffic, relieving patient stress, and ensuring privacy during emotionally sensitive appointments. Because charges are automatically captured from a pet’s electronic medical record, team members feel confident knowing an invoice is accurate, which can expedite a client’s visit. 

#7: Minimal training requirements enable your team to keep moving forward  

Many practice managers avoid switching to cloud-based veterinary software because they envision a significant undertaking that will require hours or days of downtime, lengthy and confusing training modules, and decreased productivity as team members struggle to execute previously familiar tasks. However, advancing your practice’s technology shouldn’t require your team to take three steps back. 

Fortunately, cloud-based software is designed to work with and for your team from day one. With effortless data conversion, guided training tools and resources, dedicated support specialists, and an easy-to-understand and intuitive design, current software ensures your entire team—including the most reluctant and change-averse members—will be comfortably navigating new software the day it is introduced. Once your team members become acclimated to this new efficiency protocol, they’ll appreciate how cloud-based software simplifies employee onboarding and helps new hires quickly become productive workplace contributors. 

Our hectic world is full of life hacks and multitasking tools that promise to help optimize every aspect of human existence. However, when your appointment schedule is jam-packed, your waiting clients are clamoring for attention, and your team is weighed down with endless tasks, only cloud-based veterinary software can help your problems float away—or at least help you manage the chaos. 


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