An Unexpected Way to Boost Team Morale

Written by Samantha Walker, RVT
Veterinary team morale

It’s not uncommon for veterinary teams to think of themselves as a family. Families rely on each other, help one another get through rough days, celebrate victories, and have inside jokes that no one else would understand. This same bond serves as the foundation of every successful veterinary practice. Keeping that foundation strong is a top priority, and there are plenty of ways to go about it.

Gratitude jars, providing adequate work/life balance, and the ever-popular pizza lunch come to mind. But when it comes to keeping morale high, there is one area of the practice that is often overlooked.

We’re talking about practice management software. That’s right, the veterinary software that you spend hours using every day has a significant impact on the overall happiness of the people who use it the most. So, it makes sense that the small, everyday frustrations that come with using a complex veterinary software can weigh heavily on your team over time.

Think about it: the extra time it takes to click through numerous screens to schedule an appointment, the effort put forth to scan and upload lab reports, the hours spent training new staff members on the ins and outs of a difficult-to-grasp system? What about the irritation that comes with not being able to figure out how to complete a task, or the minutes wasted searching for a patient update to give to the pet owner? For most teams, these are all just par for the course, a seemingly accepted set of expectations that come with day-to-day practice life. But it doesn’t have to be like this!

At Neo, we believe that happiness can be achieved through simplicity. By eliminating the tedious workflows associated with many veterinary software programs , we allow your team to spend more of their precious time doing what matters most. Fewer clicks, more integrations, easier client communication, and overall a system that is incredibly easy to understand: it all adds up to a headache-free experience that users appreciate.

Now that we’ve planted the seed, you can probably think of plenty of ways that your software could be better at making life easier. Sit down with your team and have a conversation about it. Including pizza wouldn’t be a bad idea...


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