Why Should You Switch to Cloud-Based Veterinary Software?


Veterinary practice management software is the workhorse of veterinary workflow, used for everything from scheduling client appointments to verifying patient data to managing payments and tracking client satisfaction. The right system is critical for practices to streamline common processes.

If employees are stuck using cumbersome and complex legacy solutions that don’t play well with new applications and services, or they struggle to keep pace with growing data entry requirements, the results are twofold: Frustrated team members and falling client satisfaction.

The good news? Cloud-based veterinary software now exists! This development offers the potential to solve practice challenges by providing a unified interface and single source of truth for all veterinary data sources. 

Some of the biggest cloud benefits for veterinary practice include:

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The Sky's the Limit: What Cloud Technology Means for

Veterinary Practices

Life in the cloud offers veterinary teams numerous benefits, including total cost of ownership, workflow improvements, and anywhere access.


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