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The 4-Second Checkout: How Integrated Payment Processing is Transforming Veterinary Practices 

The veterinary industry is experiencing growing pains. Shifts in pet owner demographics and their priorities, along with the rapid pace of technology, are redefining the veterinary experience.

Old frameworks and systems—including how you accept and process payments—are straining under these new challenges, and practices are struggling to keep up. 


Is your current payment processing system costing you time and money?

As credit cards become the preferred payment method for many veterinary clients, choosing a payment processing partner requires careful consideration. To help you navigate this important decision, this guide explores:

  • How rising transaction volumes are exacerbating inefficiency—and how practices can take action to improve their productivity  

  • What “integration” really means and why it matters  

  • How integrated credit card processing can reduce checkout time by up to 90%

  • How the right payment processing solutions can lead to unexpected benefits, such as reducing checkout time to as little as 4 seconds and cutting cancellations by 50% 


What Do Our Customers Say?

Cornerstone Payments​

“I’ve not had any issues with payments not being recorded in Cornerstone since we got Cornerstone Payments. It saves 10 to 15 minutes at the end of the day, and I never have to go back and double check for human error.”​

- Sophie Roberts, Office Manager at Animal House Veterinary Hospital

Neo Payments​

“We love Neo Payments. It makes the payment process so much easier as it allows the front desk to select Neo Payments, it sends the payment to the credit card terminal and then as soon as payment is received it marks it as paid.  At the end of the day we do not have to worry about batch processing our payments and as the person who does deposits I am not sorting by card type.”​

- Lori Anthony, Practice Manager at Family Pet Health Center

ezyVet Payments​

“ezyVet and PayJunction made our practice run smoother. The time saved allows us to focus more on serving the needs of our customers and their pets. The systems work so well together that we rarely need to call customer support. When we do, the service teams are friendly, knowledgeable, and quick to resolve any issues.”​

- Daniel Shults, Operations Manager at Quartet Veterinary Emergency Hospital and Quartet Veterinary Hospital

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The 4-Second Checkout: How Integrated Payment Processing is Transforming Veterinary Practices

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