Celebrating Success: Showcasing Client Testimonials for Positive Outcomes

Written by Angela Beal, DVM
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Positive client reviews, testimonials, and success stories are powerful ways to illustrate effective client communication, enhance team culture, and boost productivity. But, many of these opportunities are filed away and forgotten in the rush of daily routine. Here are seven reasons why sharing success stories should be a regular practice ritual.

#1: Success stories allow teams to see the big picture

Unlike veterinarians, support staff aren’t always directly involved with patient follow-up and may not be aware of a patient’s positive outcome and the entire client-patient journey. Some staff members may feel that their contribution to the pet or client’s experience is inconsequential. But, sharing client testimonials and success stories gives these team members a big-picture view of how their efforts—as an individual and part of the collective—benefit patients and clients alike. Allowing the team to see both micro and macro views creates a more accurate perspective on their work value, increased job satisfaction, and a greater sense of fulfillment.

#2: Success stories identify and illustrate what’s working well

Practice leaders and team members can recognize their strengths from client testimonials and positive feedback and celebrate their successful efforts. Rather than always looking for ways to improve, acknowledging what’s going right reinforces the team’s hard work and encourages members to continue. When specific achievements, scenarios, or recognitions are noted, teams can identify the patterns or themes that lead to success, which they can replicate and refine during future appointments.

#3: Success stories help build a positive narrative

Shared successes shift how associates and team members view their workplace by enhancing practice loyalty and creating greater meaning for their work. Routinely announcing and celebrating positive feedback, testimonials, and success stories helps the entire team recognize how their work impacts the larger pet-owning community, understand how others perceive and value the practice, and derive greater satisfaction knowing they’re the member of a team making a difference for pets and pet owners.

#4: Teams can use success stories to better understand and apply communication skills

Success stories can illustrate critical communication concepts, such as active or reflective listening, repetition, or the importance of follow-up messaging, which may be difficult for an individual to comprehend. A story can teach team members how the concepts were applied and how they could use this real-life example to model their own behavior in similar scenarios. Knowing that another team member successfully applied specific skills can boost staff confidence and make other team members more likely to use them.

#5: Success stories raise the bar on practice performance

Positive testimonials and feedback naturally generate a desire for more attention and encourage the team to seek continual improvement, so they can support and uphold the practice’s positive culture and reputation. Team members fueled by praise and recognition will feel a greater sense of connection and ownership of their practice, and therefore will more likely continuously challenge themselves and each other to provide ever-greater service and

#6: Success stories can soften negative or critical reviews

Regularly sharing positive client feedback with teams may minimize the damage of a negative review or cyberbullying effort, because your practice and team have an established positive identity. When your team is deeply proud of their work, workplace, and the role they play in the pet-owning community, they can better handle the harsh criticism of online complaints.

#7: Success stories build client trust

Sharing good news and positive stories with your clients can help establish or increase trust. Reviews help new and prospective clients imagine their experience at your practice and determine if they’ll feel comfortable with their pet in your care. Consider showcasing specific success stories or excerpts on your social media channels or website or creating in-room displays where clients can read key reviews or stories while they wait. Always respect client privacy and request permission before sharing client reviews or quotes. Offer to omit or change the client and patient names before sharing outside the veterinary team.

Easy ways to share the good news

You don’t need to organize an event to share success stories with your team. In many circumstances, low-key efforts resonate more because they feel more authentic and meaningful and don’t risk accidentally embarrassing staff members who don’t like being in the spotlight. Depending on your audience or subject matter, methods for sharing team successes may vary, but the most common and convenient include:

  • Staff gatherings — Spend five minutes of each meeting acknowledging recent “wins” or host a brief huddle to present and celebrate a recent success.
  • Announcement or brag boards — Message boards in common areas are great forums for highlighting recent feedback and exchanging positive messages with the team.
  • Group announcements — Send a group text or message on your practice’s communication platform, so everyone can read and reflect on the latest success story.
  • One-on-one — If team members receive special recognition in a client’s testimonial, a one-on-one meeting will strongly encourage and validate the individual’s efforts.
  • Social media — Use your practice’s social platforms to showcase exciting success stories and build a sense of pride and community with new and existing clients and your practice.

Acknowledging and celebrating shared successes can simplify far-reaching positive change in your veterinary practice—with the potential for elevating not only job satisfaction, but also patient and client care.