5 Questions to Ask Your New Veterinary Software Provider

Choosing new veterinary practice management software?

Here are 5 key questions we recommend asking a potential new provider. 


1) What kind of onboarding assistance do you provide for new customers? 

It's important to learn about the onboarding that a new provider offers. Do they provide online or in-person implementation? 


2) What type of support is included and how is it provided? 

Having reliable customer support helps to ensure that everything within the practice is flowing properly after going live.   


3) Do you have testimonials from current customers? 

Hearing reviews from fellow veterinarians is a great way to feel confident when it comes to making a decision. 


4) What is the data conversion process like?   

The thought of transferring thousands of patient records can be intimidating.  Find out how long the process takes on average, and what type of issues could arise. 


5) What does the training experience involve?  

Learning how the entire team will be trained is crucial for the sake of current employees, and those who join the team in the future. 


How does IDEXX Veterinary Software answer these questions?  Talk with us today!