The Sky's the Limit: What Cloud Technology Means for Veterinary Practices

Life in the cloud offers veterinary teams numerous benefits, including total cost of ownership, workflow improvements, and anywhere access.

From online banking to TV streaming platforms, cloud technology is everywhere. Even veterinary software is in the cloud. And you could be missing out on some significant advantages by sticking with your outdated server-based software. 

Sure, your server-based veterinary software is familiar to you: but imagine being a new employee and having to learn how to use it from scratch? Integrations with outside services can be unreliable. And it’s downright difficult to access patient files when you’re outside of the practice.  

Let’s talk about upgrades. With server-based software, they’re infrequent at best. And if you do get one, it requires team member time and effort to install—and repeated calls to support to fix if things don’t go right.  

When it comes to security, a local server puts your data at risk of being lost. Data recovery is expensive, time-consuming, and unfortunately not always successful.  

All these factors can slow down your business, frustrate your team, and even impact your clients’ experience. 


But now there is the cloud. 

Modern cloud-based veterinary software can be as easy and intuitive to use as some of the most popular ecommerce sites or social media platforms.  

The cloud also makes it easier to add apps and services. And offers a wider menu of trustworthy integrations to choose from.  

You can access cloud veterinary software anytime, on any internet connected device, whether it’s your desktop at work, your laptop at home, or your phone at the dog park.  

Instead of having to wait for an annual release, updates happen automatically without you having to lift a finger.  

Your data being stored in the cloud equals top-notch data security and protection against hackers, as well as accidents like hardware failure, power outages, or natural disasters.   

The streamlined workflows that are characteristic of cloud software don’t just reduce clicks; they can improve morale for the people who use them. 

Loyalty is great when it comes to your employees, clients or patients. But when it comes to your software, it’s time to say 'bye to your server, and hello to the cloud. 


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