Neo Monthly Update: Top Four Ways You Win When You Subscribe

Written by Peter Terhune
cloud based veterinary software

Are you on the Neo newsletter list?  If not, here are 4 reasons you should be!

#4 Each month you get a comprehensive update on what's new with your software: from upgrade announcements and news on new integrations, to helpful tips and tricks and handy how-to videos.

#3 You'll be the first to know about live events, including user webinars and free CE on topics like effective client communications, staff training and practice culture. Who wants to miss out on that?

#2 Helping your staff stay up to date becomes just a little easier, because all the news they can use comes to them in a single email on the second Thursday of each month.

#1 Last but not least: signing up takes less than 5 seconds, and the newsletter is free!

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