Is Changing Veterinary Software Really Necessary?

Written by Samantha Walker, RVT
Cloud based veterinary software

If the veterinary staff and their clients are the body of a veterinary practice, veterinary software is the blood supply. It's an essential part of making sure everything functions at the highest capacity.  

From communicating with clients to scheduling a visit to collecting payment, software needs to function properly or the practice can't function.  

The Effect of the Pandemic 

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a change to how all businesses function, but it also brought a change in veterinary medicine and the fundamental way its practiced.  

From veterinary staff running in and out of the building to how veterinarians perform exams, the structure of all veterinary visits is different than it once was. Everyone needed to adapt, and veterinary software is no exception.  

Time for a Change in Veterinary Medicine 

Veterinary tasks that used to be simple aren't anymore. This is because the old way of doing things is no longer adequate. 

Having multiple systems for practice management used to be a minor inconvenience at best, but now it makes the jobs of veterinary staff members unrealistic. 

Changing Veterinary Software Now 

As you adapt your routines and approach to veterinary medicine, you should consider changing veterinary software. This may seem overwhelming at a time when everything is already changing, but it actually couldn't be better. 

With demand higher than ever, your staff is busier than they've ever been. This means there's a dire need for improved efficiency. This can improve veterinary team morale and may allow you to accommodate more clients. 

How Neo Software Can Help 

The right management software such as Neo can make workflow more manageable for veterinary staff. Below is a list of a few ways this can be accomplished.  

  • Daily big picture through practice dashboard 

  • Faster checkouts 

  • Simple scheduling 

  • Seamless payments 

  • Easy performance review 

Making the transition now means getting your staff through an overwhelmingly busy time for veterinary medicine. Plus, it can improve the level of care you're able to offer your clients and patients.  

Managing Change in Veterinary Medicine 

Managing change in a veterinary clinic is a big undertaking, especially when it comes to changing veterinary software. Keeping veterinary team morale up during the transition is tough but essential.  

One part of achieving this is helping them understand the value of having the best veterinary software. Once they understand the features and how they'll make the employees' jobs easier, they'll be more than on board for the change.  


If changing veterinary software is at the top of your to-do list, request a demo today.