Neo Payments Integration


What is it?  

Neo Payments eliminates the need to manually input charges across multiple systems – speeding up checkout time and reducing the potential for errors and "we goofed" phone calls to clients. By recording payments directly within their PIMS, veterinary teams save time and reduce reconciliation issues. ​ 

Neo Payments automatically sends the invoice directly to the payment terminal, saving time and preventing mistakes​. It allows processing from multiple workstations or on-the-go mobile payments devices ​. It also grants 24-hour electronic approvals with hardware included & no software install required. ​ 


What the IDEXX Neo Payments integration can do for you 

In a world that revolves around commerce, a fast, easy, secure, and smooth payment experience is expected from consumers in any industry. Nearly every interaction with clients at your practice results in a transaction, so having a payment provider you can trust to work every time is essential.