My Rover + ezyVet Integration


What is it?  

My Rover connects pet owners to all their pet-life needs on behalf of vets, from buying products, fulfilling prescriptions, booking consults, or connecting to services. You can do it all in My Rover.

The best part is, My Rover does this on your clinic's behalf, so you can directly benefit from your client’s activity with every transaction.

My Rover works with ezyVet to make the sharing of key information quick and seamless between ezyVet and the My Rover app. Keep all information up-to-date and meet your clients' digital expectations without lifting a finger.


What the My Rover + ezyVet Integration can do for you 

  • A digital vaccination booklet
    • Clients can keep a live digital record of their pet's vaccination records in their pocket that can be easily shared with any kennel or cattery with a single tap.
  • An app for outside the clinic
    • Whether it’s to buy products, book consults, organize medications, remind clients to buy flea products, or simply keep informed about clients, My Rover will help your customers stay engaged and loyal.
  • Automatic record updating
    • Keep your records accurate with any changes in My Rover syncing to ezyVet, regarding animal health, food consumption, treatment, ownership changes, or changes to contact details. Allow pet owners to keep their pet records in their pocket.
  • Integrate your online shop inside the My Rover app
    • If you use a third party to run your online store, double your exposure by having that store display inside My Rover.
  • No percentage or transaction fees
    • If a client uses My Rover to buy from your clinic or online store, My Rover takes no percentage or transaction fees. You retain 100% of your margin.
  • Make extra money on non-clinic transactions
    • Make more money from clients outside of the clinic. My Rover shares all additional revenue from clients back with the clinic.