Modeus Vet S8 + ezyVet Integration


What is it?  

Modeus is a leader in healthcare software supporting a range of fields like pharmacy, aged care, hospital, paramedic services and medication warehousing & distribution. Vet S8 is an online controlled drug register that replaces and improves on the paper-based recording of controlled drugs, specifically designed for the veterinary industry.


What the Modeus Vet S8 + ezyVet Integration can do for you 

  • Remove double-entry and increase accuracy
    • Record and retrieve up-to-date controlled drug information and spend less time on manual daily line entries, stock counts and reconciliations.
  • Controlled drug information direct to Vet S8
    • Send invoice details directly from ezyVet to your Modeus Vet S8 online account including the patient name, veterinarian name, drug name, and drug quantity.
  • Simplify and streamline workflows
    • Modeus Vet S8 is intuitive and easy for your staff to learn and use, with flexible and powerful reports that track all changes and events in the system.
  • Identify issues as they arise
    • Set up real-time alerts for high risk events like stock adjustments or discrepancies, to address recording errors or misappropriation concerns.
  • Anywhere, anytime records
    • Bring controlled drug records securely in the cloud to access anywhere, increase accuracy, reduce errors, and enhance compliance in your practice.
  • Easy, fast integration setup
    • No time-consuming setup is required as existing controlled drug products can be pushed directly from ezyVet into your Modeus Vet S8 register.