Masterpet + ezyVet Integration


What is it?  

Masterpet is a well-established company with a long history of excellence, Masterpet found a new home with EBOS Healthcare in 2011 and has since become a firm market leader in the Australasian pet industry.


What the Masterpet + ezyVet Integration can do for you 

Masterpet offers an extensive selection of veterinary products at highly competitive prices including a range of exclusively distributed products. Together with ezyVet, you can streamline your product ordering process. Using Masterpet as an integrated product supplier, you can access a live catalog product list, create purchase orders, receive invoices and have automatic updates to your inventory levels, all within ezyVet.

  • Send purchase orders directly from ezyVet
    • Take away the daily repetition and stress of supply ordering. Remove the need to double handle tasks, simply send purchase orders straight from ezyVet, to Masterpet’s online platform.
  • Automatically receive digital invoices
    • Keep track of deliveries at every step of the ordering process. Once your order has been shipped sent, Masterpet will automatically send a digital copy of your received Invoice directly to ezyVet.
  • Maintain control with automatic price updates
    • Save time and effort for your team by eliminating manual product pricing updates. Using Masterpet as an integrated product supplier you can receive automatic price updates on Masterpet products.
  • Inventory management
    • Improve efficiencies by setting up order thresholds for each product, which will automatically stay on top of your inventory.
  • Up to date batches
    • Create batches for products upon receiving inventory, ensuring that batch numbers, quantity and expiries for batch tracked product are all up to date.
  • Track inventory movement
    • Reduce unnecessary spend by consistently staying on top of your inventory as ezyVet automatically tracks stock movement.