IDEXX Web PACS + ezyVet Integration


What is it?  

The IDEXX Web PACS integration gives you the ability to review DICOM images with ezyVet including x-ray, US, CT, MR, IO, etc. A link to the image is added to the patient record in ezyVet and when clicked, opens the DICOM image for viewing in Web PACS. Having a centralized location for staff to view relevant information saves time from navigating multiple platforms.


What the IDEXX Web PACS + ezyVet Integration can do for you 

  • Go from radiographs to diagnosis
    • AI powered features like automatic hanging protocols and Vertebral Heart Score with trending and Cardiopet proBNP results remove manual tasks from your workflow.
  • Enhance client understanding
    • Show clients what’s normal or abnormal about their pet’s images to encourage compliance. Use built-in annotation tools to highlight areas of focus or concern.
  • Optimal image sharing
    • Share diagnostic images on screen or via email with clients and colleagues and foster real-time, interactive collaboration through live chat and annotation tools
  • Advanced security
    • Keep your images secure and safe, even when sharing and communicating with others. Rest assured your diagnostic imaging information is archived on a secure server.
  • Completely cloud based
    • No manual upgrades or downtime with upgrades, no hardware to own or manage, and no IT management required.
  • IDEXX Web PACS Specialty
    • Offers best-in-class diagnostic features, sharing and collaboration tools, plus the advanced imaging and workflow support required by modern specialty practices and hospitals. Integrates with DICOM-compliant modalities, such as CT and MRI.