VetConnect PLUS + ezyVet Integration


What is it?  

VetConnect PLUS provides ezyVet customers with the ultimate IDEXX diagnostic experience, creating a more stable connection with our enhanced API integration and simplified functionality.


What the IDEXX VetConnect PLUS + ezyVet integration can do for you 

  • Access the latest research and publications
    • Access differential diagnoses compiled by board-certified IDEXX medical affairs specialists to help interpret patient results
  • Share diagnostic results with ease
    • Swiftly share diagnostic results with referral practices, specialists, and clients
  • The fastest way to review results
    • Easy-to-use analyte graphs at your fingertips to help you spot trends and abnormalities, and evaluate patients' historical results.
  • Send diagnostic requests
    • Send diagnostic requests to IDEXX Reference Labs, directly from ezyVet.
  • Eliminates manual data entry
    • Decreases staff time and manual work to do diagnostics. Helps makes sure that patient diagnostics are accurate.
  • Capture every charge
    • Integrate your results to capture charges and streamline workflows.