FetchIt + ezyVet Integration


What is it?  

Know every client, every time they call in. Eliminate impersonal interactions like “How do you spell your last name?” or “Are you a client with us?”


What the FetchIt + ezyVet Integration can do for you 

  • Identify callers before answering the phone
    • Click on the blue to bring up your existing client records, or the red bubble to create a new record within ezyVet.
  • Build stronger relationships with your clients
    • Provide a better experience for your clients and greet them by name every time they call your clinic.
  • Call record history ready at your fingertips
    • Sort and view calls by the date, time, phone number, caller name or record name.
  • Client record navigation
    • Easily access a client's record in ezyVet via the caller ID, caller name or record name.
  • Accurately save information
    • Avoid human error by adding an incoming phone number straight into a client's record.
  • In-depth reporting
    • Schedule your staff more efficiently with reporting on call volume per day, hour or team member.