Ellie Diagnostics + ezyVet Integration


What is it?  

Ellie Diagnostics provides a user-friendly interface for online ordering, viewing past appointment notes, accessing requisition forms, and invoicing clients. This will enable you to seamlessly submit lab diagnostics orders and receive results directly from your ezyVet PIMS system. Because the diagnostic test results are fully electronic, you won't need to use paper forms at all!


What the Ellie Diagnostics + ezyVet Integration can do for you 

  • Industry-leading Wellie report
    • Comprehensive health and wellness report.
  • Award-winning customer service
    • Unrivaled customer service with a dedicated agent to provide you with the best experience.
  • Customizable logistics
    • Convenient specimen pickups catered to your clinic’s needs.
  • Board-certified pathologists
    • On-site pathologists for the most accurate results.
  • Early-morning turnaround time
    • 8:30 a.m. results for clients across the country.