Dragon Veterinary + ezyvet Integration


What is it?  

Dragon allows you to run existing shorthand texts by voice to save even more time. In addition to free dictation and shorthand texts, you can also use Dragon to create customized templates to save even more time with your reporting and charting.


What the Dragon Veterinary + ezyvet Integration can do for you 

  • Plug into with ezyVet
    • Works seamlessly with ezyVet as a plug-in by allowing you to freely dictate in any window you would normally type in.
  • Slash your admin time
    • Dragon Veterinary allows doctors to save hours every day by dictating notes instead of typing. This can be done wherever there is a cursor in ezyVet!
  • Advanced speech engine
    • Dragon Veterinary has the most advanced speech recognition of any veterinary dictation software on the market today. It is also the only program that uses real veterinary vocabulary.
  • Adaptive program
    • Not just basic voice recognition. Dragon Veterinary adapts to how you speak.
  • Refined tool with constant updates
    • Don’t settle for less - get a tested and refined tool from the start. Dragon Veterinary is always learning and constantly updated.
  • Created and trusted by veterinarians
    • Leading veterinary radiologist, Dr. Brian Poteet, has inputted 10 years of vocabulary from le The program is real veterinary talk by real working veterinarians.