Customer Radar + ezyVet Integration


What is it?  


Customer Radar


What the Customer Radar + ezyVet integration can do for you 

  • Instant feedback for practice improvement
    • Customer Radar automatically invites customers to provide feedback one hour after their appointment. Get instant insight into what customers liked about your practice or what could be improved.
  • Never lose an unhappy customer
    • Customer Radar sends an email notification to you the moment your customer provides feedback - allowing you to easily get in touch if necessary.
  • Close the loop on customer feedback
    • Communicate privately with your customer from within your dashboard. You can respond to customers using a selection of templates, leave internal notes and close feedback tickets.
  • Grow your Google Reviews automatically
    • After customers have given feedback, Customer Radar automatically invites them to leave a review. This helps more potential customers find you online as more reviews are generated.
  • Measure customer satisfaction
    • Measure, monitor, and manage your customer experience with ease with live Net Promoter Score benchmarking and trend tracking.
  • Make it easy for your customers
    • Your customers answer two quick questions - how likely they are to recommend your clinic, as well as providing a comment on why they gave that rating.