More Cases, More Chaos? 5 Ways Neo Helps Manage An Increased Patient Load

Busier than ever? This one's for you.

Neo cloud based veterinary software

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Samantha Walker, RVT

Samantha Walker, RVT

Software Marketing Team

9 years in practice, 4 years at IDEXX

Ben Nitschke

Ben Nitschke

Software Marketing Team

14 years in practice, 3 years at IDEXX

Not enough hours in the day?

With an influx of pet adoptions over the past few years, veterinarians are busier than ever. While this can be a good thing for a practice's bottom line, it can lead to an overwhelmed team and an impact on client experience.

If you're struggling with an uptick in appointments, increased workloads, staff burnout and frustrated clients, this webinar is for you. 

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