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Meet the veterinary challenges of today with cloud based practice management software solutions that simplify running a practice.

Veterinary practice management software

Through the power of the cloud, our solutions simplify the flow of information across the practice and link you to what you need—when you need it. Patient data. Client communications. Business insights. All at your fingertips.

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Even the brightest minds need easy-to-use software.

Neo features a brilliantly simple interface with built-in training tools and streamlined functionality, helping you complete tasks up to 5X faster and reserve brain power for where it’s needed most.1

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The practice management software that does it all.

ezyVet is jam-packed with tools and features to help you save time, grow your business, and deliver excellence in all aspects of veterinary care.

Not sure which is right for your practice? 

Whether you run a small clinic, speciality hospital, or corporate group, we’ll help you narrow down which option works best for your unique challenges. 

Solutions to fit your unique practice needs

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General practices

Managing the many aspects of a general practice is challenging on a normal day. And as we know, those are rare in this business. When you run a practice that does it all, you need software that does too; solutions that don’t just help you keep up but empower you to stay ahead. Offering simplified scheduling and payments, automated processes that eliminate human error, and the time-saving power of the cloud, Neo and ezyVet can help you thrive and navigate the day-to-day with confidence.

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Be at the forefront of technology adoption and offer world-class care to your many referring partners and customers. ezyVet will help you achieve intense caseloads, exceptional service, maximum efficiency, cohesive communication with referring partners, and a high standard of care.

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When you run an on-the-go practice, the cloud-based flexibility of Neo changes everything. Wherever you are, you can easily and efficiently manage your schedule, data, medical notes, invoices, payments, and more. Operate your practice while on the move and never spend the end of a long day entering information again. That’s innovation.

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New practices

Simplicity goes a long way when starting a practice. You have staff to train, protocols to organize, and client relationships to build. The last thing you need is complicated software. Neo’s intuitive interface, built-in training tools, cloud flexibility, and affordable price point will help you hit the ground running and simplify everything from schedules and payments to communications. Plus, it has the power to grow with you.

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ezyVet Enterprise is the comprehensive cloud-based software platform that provides corporate and multi-practice groups with the tools you need to gain visibility into your portfolio, while supporting efficient, streamlined workflows to maximize productivity for veterinary professionals at the individual practice level. 

Customer testimonials

Hear how veterinary teams thrive with IDEXX veterinary cloud software.

Because Neo is so simple, we can literally see four or five extra clients per week. That’s allowed us to grow and add two doctors to our practice in the last year.
Choosing Neo Software took a lot of worry off my plate because there’s low up-front cost, no capital investment, and it’s easy to get started.
It’s really neat that IDEXX listens to what the users ask for and constantly updates Neo. Support is phenomenal, always very quick.

Epiphanies unlocked

By linking patient data with deeper diagnostic knowledge and insights, we lead you to moments of clarity faster and help you move forward with confidence.

VetConnect PLUS

VetConnect PLUS

Your go-to diagnostic resource for fast, effective clinical decision-making.

  • Gain a holistic view of all IDEXX diagnostics for every patient.
  • Spot trends and abnormalities, evaluating patients’ historical results with easy-to-use analyte graphs.
  • Interpret results and determine next steps with differential diagnoses and expert guidance.
  • Send personalized client-friendly result summaries directly from the app.
  • View real-time test order status for every patient—anytime, anywhere.

IDEXX Web PACS Software

Fully integrated diagnostic imaging platform for optimal sharing, consulting, and storing.

IDEXX SmartService Solutions

Proactive service and support for your in-house diagnostic instruments.

IDEXX InterLink

IDEXX InterLink technology works with your practice information management system (PIMS) to integrate your practice information.

IDEXX xChekPlus

Managing flock and herd health information is easier than ever.


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Reference 1.
Data on file at IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. Westbrook, Maine USA.