Vet Med On The Go? Cloud-Based Software Lets You Take Your Work With You

Written by Angela Beal, DVM
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You weren’t made for a desk job, so why rely on veterinary practice management software that limits you? Cloud-based veterinary software allows you to take your practice—and nearly everything that goes with it—beyond the office, providing versatility and power to meet your ever-evolving needs.


Cloud-based software puts your mobile veterinary practice on cruise control 

If you are a mobile veterinarian and your practice information management software (PIMS) is not cloud-based, your on-the-road administrative capabilities are limited. If you rely on paper to keep records while you are in the field, you or your team must manually enter invoices, inventory, exam findings, and other necessary information into the PIMS at the end of the day. When your PIMS is not cloud-based, you are unable to schedule appointments or process payments remotely, doubling your workload with time-consuming follow-up calls and billing. 

Cloud-based software literally puts your practice in your pocket, creating a central hub for your appointment book, electronic medical records (EMRs), client communication, estimate creation and sharing, payment processing, and inventory management. By simply bringing an internet-ready device with you on the road, your practice can follow you into the pasture, living room, or wherever your patients are located.


Veterinary cloud-based software moves as quickly as you do

The surging demand for high-quality veterinary care shows no signs of slowing, and neither does the fast pace you and your team have adopted to cope. Cloud-based software matches your practice workflow by delivering a streamlined user-friendly design, intuitive functions that anticipate your needs, and automations that relieve you from having to perform repetitive tasks. Your cloud-based PIMS is available cageside, client-side, and curbside, so you can stay on track, remain up-to-date with the latest diagnostic results or patient information, and provide exceptional veterinary care no matter where your skills are needed, creating no extra work to slow you down or force you to play catch-up after hours.

Simplifying a few tasks may not seem like much, but when you can trust your software to be there when you and your team need administrative support, you’re free to handle more important tasks. Plus, you’ll have extra time to care for an additional patient, counsel one more client, or take a much-needed break without fear of falling behind. 


Cloud-based software provides freedom and connection for hybrid veterinary teams

Veterinary professionals have a growing preference for remote and hybrid work schedules. According to a GalaxyVets survey, practice managers and client service representatives (CSRs) demonstrate the greatest interest in a hybrid arrangement, citing benefits such as increased productivity and lifestyle needs (e.g., child care, work-life balance). 

Cloud-based software increases work-from-home efficiency by providing remote team members with full access to all the features they’d have on-site, but without a busy practice’s distractions and chaos. Cloud-based software provides your team with flexibility, offering easy-to-add hybrid or remote work options. This software can improve job satisfaction, reduce employee turnover, and attract new hires to your practice. 


Cloud-based software can help provide work-life balance by allowing you to manage your veterinary practice from anywhere

Cloud-based software allows veterinary practice owners, managers, and veterinarians to break free from the physical workspace without fear of complete isolation. The ability to access practice data from literally anywhere with an internet connection lets you and your colleagues check in, supervise, and remain available without sacrificing or compromising personal time or responsibilities. Cloud-based software can help veterinary professionals improve their work-life balance by allowing the following:

  • Putting an end to late nights — Free up clinic time by scheduling time-consuming tasks (e.g., follow-up emails, client communication, results review) to work-from-home days.
  • Providing continuity of care (when you’re not there) — No need to drop in at the office on your day off or wait for an update from the on-duty veterinarian. With cloud-based software, you can remotely monitor your patient’s status and add or change patient orders in a pet’s EMR. 
  • Supporting clients when it counts — When a patient’s test results can’t wait until tomorrow, cloud-based software gives you the flexibility to monitor the status of pending test results, connect with clients, and easily share the report as soon as the information is available, no matter the time or where you are. 
  • Stepping out without feeling out of control — As much as you trust your team and want to have a healthier work-life balance, you may feel uneasy taking time off, especially if you are a practice owner. The freedom to check in—if and when you want—can give you and your leadership team the confidence and peace of mind to take a well-deserved getaway, attend conferences, or simply recharge at home.  


Selecting a cloud-based software for your busy or mobile veterinary practice is more than a technology decision. Your choice evolves and moves with your business by creating new growth opportunities, enhancing productivity through increased flexibility and efficiency, and fostering a better workplace culture to help you cultivate a more sustainable team.