How to Unleash Your Veterinary Team's Hidden Talents

Written by Samantha Walker, RVT
Veterinary team morale

In every veterinary team, there are individuals who shine in different areas of the practice. There’s always that one tech who can draw blood from a stone, the receptionist who can win over even the most difficult client, and the veterinarian who can sniff out a correct diagnosis like a dog with a bone. When your team is as proficient as they are in the realm of veterinary medicine, it’s easy to forget that they also have talents outside of it (and we’re not just talking karaoke skills).

Here are some examples of some “hidden talents” that could come in handy when it comes to running your practice.

The Social Media Wizard

Does your receptionist know the ins and outs of all the social media platforms out there? Are they a master of Facebook ads or an algorithm expert? Use those skills to boost your online presence by posting pet pictures, creating clever campaigns, and encouraging those oh-so-important 5-star reviews.

The Awesome Author

Your technician’s thorough patient notes may have demonstrated more than just an eye for detail. A knack for writing is invaluable in any business, but especially in veterinary medicine where communication is critical. Your technician could offer a skilled hand to your monthly client newsletter, or update the copy on your website to attract new traffic. What about your on-hold message? Offer up more than just the radio by taking advantage of your team member’s aptitude for authoring.

The Innovative Thinker

They may learn the subject in vet school, but some individuals are just naturally savvy when it comes to business. Perhaps your fellow veterinarian shows some of this prowess and doesn’t accept “the way it’s always been done”. The ability to come up with new and innovative ways of working is a real gift. Take advantage of it to improve your practice’s client experience and take patient care to the next level.

Yes, there are a multitude of hidden talents for you to discover amongst your team members. The reason why they remain hidden in most cases? You guessed it – lack of time. A receptionist who is dealing with callbacks, appointment reminders, IT issues, and invoicing complications doesn’t have the time to execute a social media master plan. A technician who deals with as much paperwork as they do patients doesn’t have the time to sit down for a proper lunchbreak, never mind a newsletter-writing session. A veterinarian who struggles to get their notes in between seemingly endless appointments doesn’t have the time to research new ideas, let alone put them into action.

The way to take advantage of your team’s hidden talents is to make more efficient use of their day. Free them up from the time-sucking activities that detract from getting the really important stuff done. Your practice management software plays a huge role in this, which is why we’ve made Neo so brilliantly intuitive, allowing your team to spend more time doing what they’re really good at.

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