How Neo Helps Increase Productivity, and Ultimately Team Morale

Written by Angela Beal, DVM
Veterinary team morale

Practice life is busier than ever, with no signs of slowing down. According to the Veterinary Industry Tracker from, spring 2021 veterinary visits were up by as much as 31% compared to spring 2020. You know that the never-ending stream of hectic days can lead to low team morale, fatigue, and burnout. Your team’s wellbeing is a top priority, and you constantly search for new, innovative ways to keep them happy.

Have you considered how your practice management software can help? Neo is cloud-based practice management software that can help increase your team’s productivity, which can ultimately improve their happiness and overall morale.

3 ways Neo can help improve your team’s productivity

No one enjoys roadblocks that slow down their day. Every team member, from your veterinarians through to your CSRs and technicians, will appreciate the increased productivity Neo provides. In case you’re unaware of how intuitive and easy-to-use Neo is, here are a few of the many ways your team can benefit from Neo’s efficiency hacks.

#1: Neo cuts down on wasted time

Neo helps incorporate more efficient workflows into many tasks your team performs throughout the day, such as:
  • Medical note-taking — Your veterinarians dread typing up lengthy medical notes over and over, so why not provide a shortcut? Procedure templates let your veterinarians add patient details to common appointment scenarios, such as itchy dogs and vomiting cats, so they don’t waste time typing up the same basic information.
  • Inventory management — Manually counting supplies takes entirely too much time. With Neo, you can enter your medication and product quantities and let the software do the rest. Neo will track your inventory as clients check out, and let you know when to replenish your stock. Reordering couldn’t be easier, since Neo is the first practice management software to integrate with Vetcove, which allows you to compare current prices and product availability from multiple distributors, and order with the click of a mouse. 
  • Diagnostic testing — Are you sick of filling out diagnostic testing order forms, then constantly checking your email for results? When you activate diagnostic integration, you can order tests directly from a patient’s consultation screen, and receive real-time results in the software. Results are automatically added to the patient’s medical record and charges are captured, so nothing gets missed.
  • Payment collection — Neo Payments allows you to accept payments via a closed system, so you no longer need to enter transactions into a third-party payment system as well as your practice management software. This feature is available at no charge, other than industry-standard credit card processing fees.

#2: Neo helps your team locate patient information in seconds

Scrolling through screen after screen—or worse, flipping through page after page of a paper chart—to find patient information wastes precious time. Neo software has a tab-based setup, so you can simply select the correct tab, and instantly access the information you need. In fact, Neo’s intuitively simple design helps veterinary teams complete common tasks up to five times faster, which your team will love.

#3: Neo makes software training a breeze

Team member training is typically one of the biggest hurdles when adopting new practice management software—but not with Neo. Built-in training takes new Neo users through a simple program that helps them master the platform, and which will get your team up to speed quickly. A library of helpful videos, articles, and walk-throughs can be accessed by clicking the “Help me” button, and our support team is always available to answer any questions that arise. New team members can use the same training tools, and will be navigating the system on their own in no time.

Increased productivity can translate to better team morale

Your team of motivated veterinary professionals feel most fulfilled when they’re able to perform their jobs to the highest standards, with as few roadblocks as possible. Anything you can do to increase productivity will go a long way toward increasing morale and helping your team enjoy their careers.

With the efficiencies you get with Neo, your team will stop wasting time on mundane chores and knock out routine tasks faster. Just think about how all that extra time can be spent—on improved patient care, more client interactions, and less frantic hustling to get out of work on time. Ultimately, these are the things your team wants, and that will improve their morale.

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